35 cubic foot Front Loading Electric Kiln – KFL035


External dimensions:

1680 mm wide x 1350 mm long x 1960 mm high

Internal dimensions:

1050mm wide x 800 mm deep x  1270 mm height to crown

Bats per level  :     4

Mass approx.:       1200kg

Insulation:              114mm of 2300 grade insulating bricks backed by 50mm of calcium silicate board.

Element material:   Kanthal A1

Current drawn:        3 x 58 A

Electrical power:     38kw

Cooling:                    Through ports in the floor and vents in the arch.

These kilns are robustly built in heavy steel sections.  They are exceptionally easy to transport and travel well by road or rail.   No commissioning is required as the kiln is 100% complete when it leaves our works.

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