80 cubic foot TWO CAR SHUTTLE KILN – ES2B080




Overall Rail length  8 700mm

Length                        2 140mm

Width                          1 400mm

Height                         1 940mm

INTERNAL DIMENSIONS:                               

Length                        1 830mm

Width                          1 000mm

Height                          1 250mm

SHELF SIZE :           450 x 330 x 17mm – 10 shelves per level

MASS APPROX.         2 000Kg

POWER                     : 65 kW

CURRENT                : 99 Amps  per phase

*           These kilns are robustly built in heavy steel sections.

*            Frames are mild steel, epoxy coated.

*           Cars run on roller bearing wheels and engineered rails.

*            Cladding is 316 grade stainless steel.

*            Cooling is through four large cents in the arch.

*           Doors close onto ceramic fibre door  seals.

*           The insulation comprises 114mm insulating brick  (imported) and 50mm secondary insulation (usually ceramic fibre based).

*            Elements are Kanthal A1

*           Large electrical boxes have hinged covers

*           All wiring is silicone insulated

*           Under floor seals are mechanical and totally effective

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