The Jigger Jolley will be a valuable asset to small potteries where it will be capable of producing both flatware and hollowware.

Power : 1,5 kW, 3 phase motor

Speed : 225 rpm or to suit customer requirement.

Drive :    A slipping V-belt gives a “soft start” and control over running speed.  

A foot pedal tensions the belt and applies a brake when released.

Heads :  Hollow ware and flat ware will be made to client specification.

Mass :    Approximately : 200 kg.

The machine is sturdily built and epoxy coated to suit factory conditions.

The profile arm is rigid and mounted in bearings.

Please Note :

The spindle pot is an accessory to the machine.  The shape of the pot depends on the product to be manufactured and your mould maker will specify his requirements.

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